They’re BAAACK Darling…Million Dollar Decorators Season Two

If you’ve been waiting for the premiere date of season 2 of everyone’s fav decorator darling, “Million Dollar Decorators,” then you’ll have to sit tight until the spooks and gremlins have gone in the night and November 13 rolls around for the BRAVO hit! 

The cast of quirky designers will all return, warts and all, for another season of raunchy behavior, splashy design, and demanding clients including a few famous faces sure to add more venom to the media glare they are currently subjected to..(think hot mess Lindsay Lohan for starters!)

Kathryn Ireland, Mary McDonald, Jeffrey Allan Marks, and the effervescent Englishman himself Martyn Lawrence Bullard continue to dazzle, delight, and utterly confound the audience with their antics as they whirl us through their visions and their passions for a madcap blend of talent, tantrums, and showmanship.

Enjoy this sneak peek at the trailer:

 Trailer For Million Dollar Decorators Season Two – Reality TV – Curbed National.


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