Gisele and Tom Brady Sitting Pretty -The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples – Forbes

Who says you can’t have it all?

Beauty and brains do go hand in hand when it comes to the world’s highest paid celebrity couples and this year’s number 2 dynamic duo is none other than star quarterback for the New England Patriots Tom Brady and his incredibly savvy supermodel/entrepreneur wife Gisele Bundchen!

*photo courtesy Fame Flynet

While last year they reigned in the number 1 spot, this year’s bump to second still equates to a $72 million combined income for 2011!

And keep in mind 2012 will bring an extra tax deduction with the addition of child number 2 to the Brady bunch! 

Coming second on the list are last year’s winners Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. The 32-year-old supermodel remains an unparalleled force within the fashion industry, racking up modeling gigs, endorsement deals and independent licensing ventures that bank her some $45 million a year. Brady, on the other side, this year became just the second quarterback after John Elway to lead his team to five Super Bowls, only to be defeated at the hands of the New York Giants and failing to win a fourth ring.

Don’t feel sorry for him, though. Apart from his four-year, $72 million contract extension with the New England Patriots that runs through 2014, Brady is also following on his wife’s footsteps and signing modeling gigs with the likes of Under Armour and UGG Boots. On the field and off it, he made $27 million, hauling a total of $72 million along with Bundchen between May 2011 and May 2012.

via The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples – Forbes.


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  1. Kid #2 is actually a tax exemption, not a deduction. The difference being an exemption deducts from your actual tax bill, whereas a deduction deducts from your taxable income. Either way, Tom & Gisele do not qualify for personal or dependent exemptions because they are definitely in the AMT!

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