Dunkin’ Donuts Sprays Smell of Coffee In New Ad Campaign

English: A Dunkin' Donuts truck distributing f...

English: A Dunkin’ Donuts truck distributing free cold drinks in front of an office building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It used to be, “If it walked like a duck….”

But now, it’s going to be, “If it smells like coffee, let me find a Dunkin’ Donuts – PRONTO!”

Remember those annoying sniffer samples in magazines that when scratched released perfume samples into your nasal passages and home?

Brilliant advertising concept for sure; in fact the inventor continues to be rewarded handsomely for such an aromaful technique to persuade the masses to try specific perfumes and colognes in the burgeoning scent market.

But now, Dunkin’ Donuts is pushing the proverbial envelope a bit further, with an ingenious new advertising campaign which utilizes the smell of coffee sprayed on buses, to plant the desire to purchase Dunkies to those commuting on buses in none other than a country known more for electronics than consuming coffee beans – Korea!

That’s right – those in the know released the results of a campaign conducted on Korean buses whereby the aroma of coffee was sprayed onto buses by Dunkin’ Donuts, utilizing the latest in technology in yet the cleverest rendition of innovative advertising to surface in the “Mad Men” industry yet!

Sales went up, coffee consumption soared, and execs at Dunkies were mighty pleased with the results of the dramatic campaign.

Word on the street is that they don’t yet plan on bringing this sort of subliminal advertising to the T or the States, but expect to hear of more companies taking a hard look at how this strategy might be incorporated into the sale of their products!

Dunkin’ Donuts Sprays the Smell of Coffee Onto Buses to Increase Sales [Video] | BostInno.


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