Project Chanel – Arie Kopelman’s Nantucket Cottage


Well, our tony island enclave may not have been the word you’d expect to see associated with all things Chanel, but for former Chanel president Arie Kopelman and his wife Coco, Nantucket is where they spend their days of summer and is the place that Architectural Digest caught up with them to take a look at the recent renovation of their island abode.

And you may recall that the Kopelmans welcomed new daughter-in-law Drew Barrymore into the family a few short weeks ago!  That lovely antique wicker child’s chair could soon be the favorite place for the rumored expected progeny of the newlyweds!

A Nantucket Home Renovation : Interiors + Inspiration : Architectural Digest

Arie and Coco Kopelman’s Renovated Nantucket Home

Deutsch: Chanel-Logo

Deutsch: Chanel-Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the Massachusetts isle, a former Chanel president and his wife remodel the house of their dreams and fill it with a treasure trove of top-flight antiques…

Architectural Digest

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Arie and Coco Kopelman’s Renovated Nantucket Home

*Photography by William Abranowicz


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