The Funny Man Goeth – Beach House $14M

Jim Carrey is hoping to harness some of his impeccable comedic timing to quickly sell his amazing Malibu home. According to the brand-spanking-new listing, Carrey’s home is “priced for an immediate sale” and available for move in immediately!   – Trulia

Craziness-Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy and family...

Jim Carrey, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And depending upon which listing is showing the accurate price, the home is currently priced at either $13.95M or $14.95M!

What’s a million one way or another at this price level?

The home is pretty subdued considering its price tag as well as its owner.  Of course the more neutral in decor, the more likely to appeal to the masses though the selling price will naturally eliminate the large majority of the home buying public.

Of course if this is in your price range, the Malibu Colony is amongst the most coveted plots of sand in the world and this home has outstanding views and even more luxurious finish work and seductive nooks.

If you’re interested, give me a call and I’ll set the wheels in motion, or the paddle board as the case may be! 🙂

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