Growing Up Brady: In An All Star Household, Tom’s Sisters Sizzled

Tom Brady is a superstar.

Regardless of the outcome of this weekend’s do-over with Eli Manning, there are many who believe Tom to be a contender for greatest QB of all time.

And the New England Patriots ‘hottie’ is ‘super hot’ when it comes to the ladies.

But the extraordinary athlete’s ease and graciousness with conduct becoming to a ‘team’ player is a demeanor he polished and honed as the only boy growing up in a household of extraordinary female athletes.

His sisters included renowned softball and soccer stars and the family activities centered around the nurturing and support needed to ignite and sustain these young superstars.

Young Tom, the baby in the family, learned early on about the competitive spirit and the single-minded focus needed to excel in sports.  The entire Brady bunch worked as a cohesive unit cheering on the milestones reached by their brood, and encouraging their combined love of sports.

Tom’s foray into football didn’t begin for some time; he initially began as his sisters did – as a ball player.  And for a long time, he was known simply as ‘Maureen Brady’s young brother,’ rather than a 5 time Super Bowl participant and legendary football hero.

Tom Brady in a 2008 game.

Image via Wikipedia

The entire Brady bunch will be cheering on the sidelines on Sunday for their little bro, and Gisele and her confidantes will apparently be continuing their ‘prayer chain,’ as Tom Brady takes to the field going for his fourth Super Bowl win , no longer as little Tommy Brady, but rather the towering legend he’s become in the game he loves.

* photos courtesy Maureen Brady

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