Regis Philbin Leaves “LIVE! with Regis & Kelly” For A Castle In The Clouds

If the allure of raconteur Regis Philbin has been a constant in your life for any period during his close to 1,000,000 million hours on live TV, then Friday’s farewell to the creator of a unique entertainment forum known as ‘host chat,’ was an occasion of laughs, tears, and big-name celebrities.

Philbin, the co-host of “LIVE with Regis and Kelly” created the basis for what is in fact the tremendous popularity of reality TV – watching people on TV talking and/or living their real lives.

But Philbin’s genre, now seen on “The View” as well as “The Talk” is an amazing mesh of honesty, humor, self-deprecation, the everyman viewpoint, and timing.  He is the master of spinning his evenings out, missed social events due to an utter lack of directional expertise, and levity which takes  you on a flight of brightness, joy, and warm, fuzzy feelings churning through your veins.  All a decided plus for his ABC affiliate and a shot in the arm to those of us in need of hearing someone who genuinely likes making people happy.

You always felt good after being in Reege’s presence.  You could relate.  He related to everyone – waste management workers, fashion executives, pompous Trumpsters.  A walk down the streets of New York is filled with the sounds of “Hey Reege, ” as people raise their hands in greeting all over the city.

But maybe it takes a look at his house, to truly understand the changes Regis is going through.  From Upper East Side snobbery to Columbus Circle modernista – Regis Philbin has found his castle in the clouds…

Architectural Digest Visits Joy and Regis Philbin

The Millionaire and Live Host and His Wife in New York

Interior Design by Katherine Stephens
Text by Nancy Collins/Photography by Durston Saylor

Published October 2001

Six years ago, when Regis Philbin suggested to his wife that they abandon their Park Avenue address for a move to Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Joy Philbin immediately saw the benefits—for her husband, that is. “The secret to being happy in New York is being able to walk to work,” she says. Which is exactly what her husband had in mind. For years Philbin’s audience on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee had lived through the trials and tribulations of the host’s daily trek from Manhattan’s Upper East Side to the West Side, where the ABC studios are located. “I was absolutely going nuts,” says Philbin, “taking cabs from Eighty-second and Park to Ninety-second, where I dropped the kids off at school, heading down Fifth Avenue, across Central Park, then up to Sixty-seventh, the most tortured, congested street in America. It was a nightmare. Then one day I saw a brand-new building going up across the street from my office, and my mouth began to water. The problem was luring Joy from the ritzy East Side, where she thought she belonged…”

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