‘The O’Neals’ Finale (VIDEO)–LOVE STORY, PART 2


Farrah Fawcett

Ryan O’Neal, the poster boy for unrequited love following his starring role in the tear jerker “Love Story,” co-starring Ally MacGraw, took a turn this season into a new genre – his own life. Co-starring with daughter Tatum O’Neal on OWN’s ‘The O’Neals,” the audience has watched as father and daughter have tried to repair a relationship damaged by estrangement, hurt, Tatum’s drug addiction, Ryan’s love affair with Farrah Fawcett, feelings of abandonment, and a father’s insensitivity.

Oddly enough it’s been fascinating.

Whether it’s because those of us of a certain age want to know more about the guy who got the girl in the red bathing suit in the famous poster, or whether a shattered father/daughter relationship belonging to a couple of celebrities is mesmerizing, all I can say is that you find yourself rooting for these two.

You sense that time is not on their side.

Can Tatum put aside her need to make her Dad pay for past mistakes?

Can Ryan lose the self-absorption of an aging lothario?

Can Ryan see that his grown-up self confident daughter still is a little girl inside, looking for her Daddy?

Will the recent arrest of Redmond O’Neal bring this family together to combat his drug addiction?

This deleted scene from Sunday night’s finale gives us hope that the tentative steps they’ve taken toward each other will continue…and that hopefully we’ll see a season 2 of ‘The O’Neals…’

Deleted Scene: Ryan and Tatum O’Neal Go Dancing on ‘The O’Neals’ Finale (VIDEO)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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