When Life Is Made Up Of A Series Of Stories

Wordsmiths love to be surrounded by their treasures.  But decorators are challenged when trying to place hundreds of books in a stylish abode, if they want to avoid the inevitable “cluttered” look.

However it seems event planner David Stark, looking for an innovative way to express his love of books, has really ramped up the wattage on birthday celebrations.

According to Design Sponge, the invite for this birthday luncheon at Arena Stage in Washington. D.C.  read “Life is made up of a series of stories. You are an important part of mine,”  totally setting the tone for the event.

– Design Sponge

The arrangements are just incredible, ranging from a castle, the pearl in an oyster, jelly fish and other extrordinary cutouts of pages of words representing the story of his life.

The Castle on the Hill

Don’t you just love the range of memories?

David Stark book party

I could see utilizing this concept to decorate a child’s room as they transition through the years!

If you were planning a birthday celebration, what would your life stories party look like?

For more:

David Stark Book Party – Design Sponge


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