Lollygagging on Chappaquiddick with Lady Gaga

In the foreground is the On Time Ferry or Chap...

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It seems the “little  monsters” will be doing a swift breaststroke over at the Vineyard this summer, as they set out to catch a glimpse of a very fetching mermaid who it’s rumored will be vacationing in her new home on Chappaquiddick.

The Talbots & J. Crew set is a GAGA over reports that the woman who bumped Oprah off the top of the celebrity Forbes list, will be in residence in a recently remodeled beach house property starting this season.

Her manager Troy Carter, bought a $2.3 million beach house in Oak Bluffs, and according to reports, building on her eco-friendly 8 bedroom manse began last September.

The compound is replete with tennis courts, swimming pool, a studio, and sources say, is the 25 year old’s “dream home.”

As is the custom for New England cottages, Gaga’s beach house will also have an appropriate name: “GG’s Playpen!”

The “Chappy Ferry” holds just 3 cars, and Lady Gaga is expected to have her own private ferry to shuttle her back and forth to the mainland.

  Lady Gaga is sure to bring a whole new context to Chappy that’s perhaps long overdue.

Fashionistas will be breathlessly waiting to see what Lady G will be wearing for summer soirees.  Lobster sundresses?  Starfish shifts?   A little seaweed  outfit when she pops into Mad Martha’s??

Stay tuned. . .



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