Babson Commencement Buzz All About Biz

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter

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Despite the rumors that he’d deliver a commencement speech in 140 characters, would twitter while speaking, or might possibly sport a blue feathered cap and gown, Wellesley native and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone took the stage at Babson College and delivered an honest, bird’s eye view of the business of success.

Stone grew up thinking that one day he’d go to Babson and learn first-hand about the challenges of entrepreneurship. Instead an interest in the arts, a summer internship, and the ability to create opportunity when you have the chance, propelled Stone into a series of mentoring relationships, and work on various communications projects.

The class of 2011 hung on to the edge of their seats as this young man who has been on the cutting edge of global communications and who has literally changed the way we interact with one another, encouraged his listeners to manufacture opportunity, and to understand that creativity is a “renewable resource.”

You should use it over and over. Twitter’s co-founder urged the newly minted grads to have the courage to “fail spectacularly” on their personal road to success, and to understand that empathy and altruism don’t require that you first have great financial success to participate. Every act of philanthropy brings its rewards, and sometimes small gestures bring the most to those who contribute.

“It’s official — Dr. Biz Stone is in da house!”

Biz Stone, Babson College Commencement 2011

And while it might have been more compelling to talk about Twitter’s valuation and its ability to fulfill venture capitalists’ goals to generate enormous profits, when presented with an honorary Doctor of Law, Stone truly seemed delighted. Realizing a boyhood dream and armed with a degree from the country’s number one school in entrepreneurship, Biz Stone proudly left Babson commencement to the sounds of a standing ovation and the clicking of tweets!

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