If You Love Wellesley’s Blue Ginger, You’ll Love Living Here!

18 Farm Hill Road, South Natick

MLS# #71198177

Location, Location, Location… you hear it all the time in real estate, and when you’re looking for that new home, the local amenities surrounding a home are all important.

South Natick is a pristine neighborhood located just outside Wellesley Center, by the banks of the Charles River.  Once known as a vacation retreat in the 1800’s for those who lived in downtown Boston, people flocked to the area because of its high hills for cooling winds and the proximity of the mighty Charles River for its beauty and enjoyment.

Nowadays, the residents of South Natick enjoy Elm Bank for hiking and the Massachusetts Horticulture Society, Broadmoor Audubon Sanctuary for the beauties of nature, the Natick Community Farm, and the South Natick Falls.

Cover of "Blue Ginger"

Cover of Blue Ginger

And some people choose South Natick because your real estate dollar goes further than it does in some of the surrounding towns such as Dover, Needham, and Wellesley.

People like the fact that you get more house for the money.

Some people like Memorial School which is close by.

Some folks like how easy it is to commute into Boston from South Natick.

And those who enjoy college communities point to the close proximity of Wellesley College with its sprawling campus, and educational resources.

And some people – and you know who you are – are just giddy that Wellesley’s acclaimed Blue Ginger Restaurant is just moments away!

Oh yes – one of the most highly rated restaurants in the country is just down the street!

Foodies trek to Blue Ginger from all over the world!

But its culinary enticement is the neighborhood restaurant for South Natick!

Many folks were seated in this very restaurant that went on to spawn Food Network stardom for Chef/Owner Ming Tsai, during its opening week!

And that includes the owners of 18 Farm Hill Road, the strategically located home for sale.

Ming is a great fellow, a great businessman, and a great asset for those of us living in the western suburbs who desire gourmet fare, but not the trek back  into Boston after spending all day working downtown.

And he lives in South Natick!

And while Blue Ginger may not be the overriding reason one chooses to purchase a home, when you have an awesome home, awesome neighborhood, and awesome local amenities – you just might find yourself feeling, well… awesome!


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