Tsunami hits northeastern Japan after massive quake

BREAKING NEWS — A massive 8.9 earthquake in Japan caused buildings to rock and triggered a powerful 13 foot tsunami.  BBC video footage shows water surging through coastal town on Japanese coast.

The epicenter is reported to have been in the sea, about 230 miles from Tokyo.

Aftershocks are expected.

There’s been no reported significant damage to nearby Japanese nuclear facilities which have been safely shut down, according to the Japanese prime minister.  Relief efforts are being organized and people are urged to stay out of elevators and seek safety.

A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii,  with the tidal surge expected to hit at approximately 8 am EST.    Warning sirens are being heard throughout the Aloha state.  People are urged to get to higher ground immediately.

A tsunami is more than one wave, and the first wave may not be the largest.  People are strongly urged to stay away from the coastline, and should not go down to the ocean to see the tsunami.

A smaller 4.5 earthquake is confirmed to have hit Hawaii.   According to the LA Times, “There were no immediate reports of injuries or damages from the quake that hit the Big Island about 30 miles southeast of Hilo just before 11 p.m. Thursday.”

US ships at Pearl Habor to remain in port.

Update: Pearl Harbor reporting tsunami has passed through this location with minimal impact.


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Tsunami Alert


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