Doug Flutie Presents $50K GIFT TO ‘TODAY SHOW TOY DRIVE’

Doug Flutie was there

Image by Krob via Flickr

Doug Flutie presented Al Roker a substantial check of $50,000 today in support of the ‘TODAY SHOW TOY DRIVE.’

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The 1984 Heismann Trophy winner made the donation on behalf of Capital One Bank.


Capital One is also the sponsor of a new program supporting both men and women athletes, the Capital One Cup. The Capital One Cup, a prestigious new program rewarding NCAA Division I athletics programs for their cumulative on-field performance across multiple men’s and women’s sports, is designed to support the positive values of college athletics.

Starting with the 2010-11 academic year, NCAA Division I men’s and women’s athletics programs will compete for the Capital One Cup and $200,000 to fund graduate-level scholarships for student-athletes.  The Capital One Cup will be served by an advisory board of prominent former NCAA student-athletes and current broadcasters, including Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie, women’s soccer legend Brandi Chastain, former NCAA basketball player of the year Lisa Leslie, former NCAA baseball player Robin Ventura, and broadcasters Rece Davis and Clark Kellogg.

“The Capital One Cup was created to extend our support of college sports, its student-athletes and its fans by recognizing on-field supremacy at the highest level,” said Capital One Chief Marketing Officer, Bill McDonald.  “This annual new program represents a year-long quest to claim the ultimate bragging rights in collegiate sports.”

In the annual race for the Capital One Cup, schools will earn points based on their teams’ top 10 finishes in NCAA Division I championships and in final official coaches’ polls in 13 men’s and 13 women’s sports throughout the year.

“The creation of the Capital One Cup is an excellent way to highlight the outstanding accomplishments of NCAA student-athletes,” said Greg Shaheen, NCAA interim executive vice president of championships and business strategies.  “As student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom, the Capital One Cup will be another measure of success for teams who perform at the highest level competitively.  We’re proud to work with Capital One as it bestows this athletics honor and supports the values of higher education with the scholarship donation.”

The official Capital One Cup standings will be released at the end of the fall, winter and spring athletics seasons.  In July, the two athletics programs with the highest aggregated point totals across the represented men’s and women’s sports will be announced as the Capital One Cup winners.  Each school will be presented with the Capital One Cup Trophy and a scholarship donation from Capital One in the amount of $200,000 at the annual ESPY Awards televised live by ESPN.

Capital One

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