Babson College’s Schlesinger: Action Trumps Everything…Or Does It?

“The best predictor of future actions is past behavior,” is an admonition we’ve all heard many times; perhaps most often from Dr. Phil.

And while this sentiment works well for predicting human behavior, when it comes to entrepreneurs, what resonates is the emphasis on one word – “actions.”

Why?  Because the engine that drives success is ‘taking action.’

Successful people are those who take action.

And for the naysayers who say you MUST have the right plan, product, investors, timing, market, and/or goals BEFORE you take action – NOT SO!


Successful entrepreneurs are those whose passion drives them to ‘jump in’ and get going.

Take Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook; if you’ve seen the movie “The Social Network,” you saw that the young entrepreneur immediately sprang into action when the flicker of an idea emerged, along with some fortuitous circumstances.

Sure, entrepreneurs have to evolve their business, tweak their product, and adapt their plans, but the point is – they take action physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Entrepreneurs engage – if you want to play the game, you have to take the plunge!

And now you can get up close and personal with those who’ve been there by reading their stories in a new book authored by an intriguing trifecta:

  • Len Schlesinger – President of Babson College, the top-ranked business school for entrepreneurship
  • Charles Kiefer – President of Innovation Associates who for 30 years has used his concept of high-performing teams to help technology organizations increase their innovation successes
  • Long-time contributor to The New York Times, Paul B. Brown – former writer and editor for Business Week, Financial World, Forbes and Inc.

The authors have identified CreAction — a reasoning that blends creating and action — to propel the entrepreneurial thinker forward.

As the essential core of ETA, CreAction has been shown to be highly effective in navigating the unpredictable situations we face every day in our personal and professional worlds.

“Action Trumps Everything — Creating What You Want In An Uncertain World” lays out an action plan with examples to deepen understanding of key concepts.   Each chapter also includes takeaway tips to quickly turn readers into confident CreActionists.

The book focuses on this innovative strategy for achieving your goals, and uses the personal stories of successful entrepreneurs who demonstrate the CreAction formula.

The bottom line?  ACT, LEARN, REPEAT – the key ingredients for building a successful business in today’s environment!

Chapter Topics

  • Everyone can do this.
  • CreAction and Predictive Reasoning–which to use when and where?
  • Desire….what do you want to create?
  • Entrepreneurial Action, CreAction and its 4 building blocks.
  • 16 reasons why Action Trumps Thinking.
  • Affordable Loss–pay only what you can afford to lose.
  • CreAction Community–bring other people along who share your vision.
  • Everything including a problem is an asset (if handled correctly).
  • Beyond venturing — using CreAction everywhere else.
  • How to use CreAction in today’s organizations–a guide for managers.
  • Using CreAction with family and friends.
  • How ETA can make a better world.
  • Authors answer the difficult questions.

But the best news is that you can download this book absolutely FREE!

That’s right – this tome full of advice, strategy, and results is available to you simply by downloading at

The series will continue with new stories from entrepreneurs being made available, so be sure to include your story by:

  • Joining the conversation on the blog and sharing your life stories
  • Letting us know what struck a chord with you, what works and what doesn’t work for you, and how you have applied or are applying some of these ideas in your life. Take advantage of the free download, learn from the best, and see your dreams come to fruition!

So check it out and let the authors know what you think, for they’ve thrown out a challenge – they feel they’re right—but do you?

Better yet – set out to prove or disprove their sentiments and findings.  For if you doubt their call to action, they’re ready to hear from you! Tell them, tweet them, YouTube them, facebook them, write them – pick your modality and give them the real deal! 


‘Action Trumps Everything’

The Book | Action Trumps Everything.


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