With this being summer’s last weekend before school starts for many of us,  it’s time for the quintessential summer drink – The Dark and Stormy!

Dark N' Stormy

If you haven’t been to Bermuda and tried their National drink, I ‘d recommend doing the next best thing – enjoying it in your very own backyard!

The Dark and Stormy was invented in Bermuda just after World War I and was trademarked by Gosling’s Brothers Limited. Gosling’s is the largest exporter of Bermuda and their flagship 80 proof Dark Seal rum is the official rum for a Dark and Stormy.

Key to the Dark n' Stormy

The drink is unique in that it features the pleasing contrast between the spicy ginger beer and the sugary Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

Are you already imagining yourself gazing at the pink sands and aqua waters of Bermuda?

So grab your lounge chair and head out to the backyard with your own delicious Dark and Stormy!

It is easy to make by filling a highball glass with ice, adding 3 oz of Barritt’s Ginger Beer, and topping it with 1.5 oz of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.  Gosling has also introduced its own Ginger Beer recently which is an excellent alternative.

For the final touch, add a slice of lime for garnish and enjoy.


Dark and Stormy Recipe : Rachael Ray : Food Network http://bit.ly/9yHPKW


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