America’s Dream Homes

Dream homes…you hear people talk about them.   And sometimes you see people who’ve built them.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are lighthouses, some are cantilevered properties angled over the California ocean, and some are found in silos across America.

Some dream homes are built by the owners’ own hands while some are crafted by those who can interpret dreams into bricks and mortar.

Americans have long sought to one day own their dream home.  And they do so to please themselves.  It’s not about flipping, or resale.  It’s about living in an environment that nourishes the soul.

* courtesy: Designs to Inspire

William Randolph Hearst dreamed ‘big.’ San Simeon’s Hearst Castle was listed on the market in 2007 for $165 million.

And some folks prefer to dream ‘small.‘  Ranch homes abound with bells and whistles important to folks these days, while capes are chock full of granite and stainless steel.

Some dream homes have been passed down through generations.   Cape Cod cottages with weathered shingles and grand front porches are dream homes for many families.  Rock and timber abodes in the mountains with stunning vistas and a wood stove are dream homes for some.

Contemporary homes infused with abundant sunlight and open spaces are the substance of many families’ dreams.  And snug houses with a fireplace and cheery kitchen are the dreams of many.

Boston’s western suburbs are full of dream homes, as defined by size, location, or curb appeal.   Some are dream homes because of amenities or school systems.  And some are dream homes because they’re purchased to begin new jobs, new relationships, or new life journeys.

Some dream homes are by design, while others are by love.   And some dream homes are those with the right price.

America’s dream homes – from coast to coast you will find dwellings that represent the American dream,… as well as those which are the result of someone dreaming.

For more:

Your dream home might be a gleaming mansion of sleel and glass overlooking the Pacific Ocean or a converted farm silo. John Blackstone leads a tour of some Americans’ dream homes which are as different as the dreamers themselves.


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