Time to Buy? May Be The Best Time In Our Generation

In fact, it may be the best time in ANY generation to buy a home!

So says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s who concludes, “It may be the best time in any generation!

The debt crisis in Europe, the economic impact on the US housing industry due to our recession, and the inventory now available have created a sublime opportunity where mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in years.

BankRate.com reports that mortgage rates, currently at 4.87 % for a 30 year fixed, are at the lowest levels they’ve ever seen – since they initiated coverage over 25 years ago!

Homebuyers can get the most bang for their bucks by locking in rates now.

“Mortgage rates are so low and with homes prices down and lots of inventory, you couldn’t pick a better time to buy or re-finance,” concludes Zandi.

We’re definitely seeing an uptick in offers being made. Many who were sitting on the fence are taking advantage of this financial confluence.

For more:

Mortgage Rates at New Lows, Thanks to Europe’s Debt Crisis – Yahoo! Finance http://yhoo.it/amNwEn

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