First Came Brady, Then Came Baby, Now Comes Gisele’s Skincare Line

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For Gisele Bundchen, life has been good.

Some may even say that it’s been a fairytale.

First she created a megabrand around her supermodel career.  Then came Tom Brady, and she became his lady.

Gisele then had a Brady baby, which is now followed by the March 15th launch of her new skincare line Seeja – marking the latest Gisele venture in which she’s sure to excel!

Gisele Bundchen to Launch Eco-Friendly Skincare Line – Style News – StyleWatch –

What Did Gisele Bündchen Really Want to Name Her Son?

photo Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue

Those who’ve been thinking that Gisele has hubby Tom Brady wrapped around her exquisite pinky – think again.

In the April issue of Vogue, Bundchen reveals that she’d been searching for a name that represented water, and the immortality of something “flowing.”  Hence, River had been tops on her list, only to be thrown off by the baby Daddy, along with Joaquim and David.

So the Brazilian beauty has taken to murmuring, “My Beloved,” to her little one.

But can you guess what little Benjamin Brady’s middle name is???

– Moms & Babies – “Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue”

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