“BAM!” On Chef Todd English Ends In Anger Management

Top ChefTodd English‘s ex-bride, Erica Wang, must do anger management, community service: judge http://bit.ly/8tTkED

The world of top chefs is fierce and intense.

Egos are large and tempers often flare.

And those at the top of their game are known for their personal brand, defined by culinary style, franchise potential, or signature sayings.

“BAM,” once made famous by Chef Emeril Lagasse is once again being bandied about in culinary circles, but this time it’s top chef Todd English, whose ex-bride Erica Wang decided to try ‘bam’ out on him – in a non-verbal fashion, by reportedly assaulting him last October while in an argument over a pre-nup.

The jilted ‘bride-to-be’ “must take anger managment classes and do community service if she wants felony assault charges dropped, a judge ruled Thursday.”

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