Wellesley Foodies Welcome Singh’s Cafe

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Part of the allure of travel has always been experiencing the cuisine of other lands.

And now part of the allure of Wellesley is the diverse restaurant scene that is evolving in town.

This week marked the opening of Singh’s Cafe, 312 Washington St., in Wellesley Hills.

While the building is the same as the one which previously housed Vela’s, that’s where the similarity ends.

Newly painted in cheerful, vibrant colors this purveyor of fine Indian cuisine is helmed by Master Chef Harpreet Singh, well known for both his mastery of North Indian Punjabi flavors and fresh ingredients, as well as for his Somerville eatery, The Kebab Factory.

Mouthwatering aromas fill the air, along with the rhythmic sounds of Indian music.

The service is very attentive – from the mid-meal greeting of Chef Singh, the ‘Zagat designated Spice Scientist;’  right through to the young fellow making sure that you never want for water.

For the opening, the format was a buffet dinner, and I have to say that even though buffets are not my first choice for fine dining, Singh’s Cafe did a very  credible job with their buffet selection.

Appetizers are served to you at your table, as are drinks from the full bar.  We enjoyed samosas filled with ‘mildy spiced potatoes,’ and marinated chicken tenders.

The bartender chose a spicy, full-bodied red wine for us, but King Fisher and Taj Beer were also in plentiful supply.

Warm and hearty, Chana Masala is chick peas cooked in traditional north Indian spices, served with basmati rice.

Plain paratha, traditional unleavened bread, accompanied the buffet items/entrees.

Unfamiliar with a number of the entrees, I was delighted to discover the delicious and reasonably  priced Punjabi cuisine now available right in Wellesley!

A weekday lunch buffet is served from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm.

Singh’s Cafe




New Restaurant Set To Open – Caitlin Costello, Boston Globe

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