Natick Real Estate… Heating up? Summer is Sizzling!…Real Estate Trends

Real Estate = Big Money
Image by thinkpanama via Flickr

July ended with a bang for Natick this year with 39.3% more single family homes SOLD verses July 2008!

Total dollar volume of single family homes sales in Natick for this July was a sizzling 45.8% higher than July of 2008…

These banner results have pushed year- to- date  unit sales in NATICK through the end of July… 2.9% above the same period in 2008.

Natick’s results compare very favorably with neighboring WELLESLEY which experienced a… 33.7% DROP in unit sales year- to- date through July of 2009, as compared to same period in 2008.

I should note that while Wellesley‘s real estate market performance year to date is dismal, the market has been moderating in the last couple of months toward stability.

Needham  keeps on trucking with year- to- date, through July, unit and dollar sales of single family homes for 2009… that  nearly mimic the 2008 numbers.

Projections for Natick this August indicate more moderate gains over August of 2008.

Stay tuned… 2009 is looking to be an OK year for the real estate market in our local area!

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