Newton-Wellesley Hospital: Friend or Foe? Who Decides?…in Framingham

FRAMINGHAM – The Board of Health released a report last night challenging statements by the head of Newton-Wellesley Hospital and a related deal struck by the Planning Board compensating the town for a proposed surgical center…

What do you think?

– Should there be a review, even though the scale of the project doesn’t warrant a review under present state guidelines?

– Is Newton-Wellesley’s plan a serious health ‘threat’ to Framingham?

-Is Metrowest Medical Center behaving in the best interests of patients?

-Should Metrowest residents be allowed to make their own decisions about where they seek medical care?

– Is competition healthy?  In the end, does it provide the best service mix for patients?

– Is the concept of every town having its own hospital still fiscally sound?

– Should each hospital stand on its own merits, and the patients be the ones who decide where they’ll go for medical care?

– Does hospital profitability and/or whether or not the medical facility is a non-profit enter the equation?

– Do residents want their available medical facilities legislated by a town’s public health board? By cries of unfair competition?

– Should hospitals be compensating towns for doing business in town?

– Does competition stimulate healthy business practices, better services, and cost comparisons?

– Are physicians going to leave Metrowest Medical Center if an orthopaedic center is built by Newton-Wellesley?

– Is Newton-Wellesley Hospital a bully?  Or is Metrowest the bully?

– Is Newton-Wellesley’s CEO Dr. Jellinek making ‘untrue’ statements, as the Framingham Board of Health asserts?

– Should competing hospitals be governed by the same principles of other business competitors?

– Is Newton-Wellesley’s proposed medical center good for the town?  Will it add jobs?  Will people who come for services from Framingham and surrounding towns then add to Framingham’s economy by staying in Framingham and using its restaurants, gas stations, retail operations, and other facilities?

– Should the decision making about what’s best for the town’s residents lie with the town hospital’s CEO?  The Planning Board?  The Board of Health?  The Town Selectmen?  The state?  The individual consumer?

What other questions should people be asking about this situation?

Where do you stand?


Framingham Health Board Challenges Hospital Plan/

Metrowest Medical Center’s Soran Appeals to Land Court/



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