California Pizza Kitchen – Wellesley Style

The Plaza at the Stamford Town Center...
New California Pizza Kitchen Concept

Sleek, contemporary, flat screen TV’s….

A sophisticated downtown eatery?

Nah…just the new California Pizza Kitchen in Wellesley’s Linden Square!

California Pizza Kitchen?

It’s hip, the seating is comfortable, and the place is large and trendy.

The last time I was in a CPK, it looked nothing like this!

You get a good vibe the minute you enter the building.  And because it’s located where Roche Bros. used to be, there’s plenty of parking – and that’s unlike any other spot in all of Wellesley.

The staff is friendly and eager.  They may be lacking the sophistication of Boston waiters, but they make up for it in their eagerness to please.

But what about the food, you’re asking???

CPK has been pitching their “new” menu, to complement their new restaurant concept, but I found there to be only a handful of new items on a rather familiar menu.

There are new salads, pasta dishes, and pizza.  Wine and sangria are available.

Iced tea and Arnold Palmers round out the beverages.

I tried the tortilla soup and caesar salad.  The salad was crisp, crunchy, and plentiful, and this was the half portion size!

The tortilla soup, while pleasantly spicy, was unusual in that it was fairly creamy – a slight departure from the commonly bright red tomato base usually offered.  There’s crisp tortilla strips, and glorious cut corn.

The Mediterranean salad came with chopped onion, feta cheese, and dark green leafy lettuce.  Tasty!

Now let me be direct – CPK is not a gourmet restaurant.  But at the price points it offers, it’s got a great location, great surroundings, and very good food!

California Pizza Kitchen works for date night, affordable family outings, and ladies (and gents) who lunch.

BostonKayakGuy gives the new Wellesley California Pizza Kitchen 3 1/2 paddles!



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