Crossing Margaret Greer

MetWest Scene Update May 13’09:

The drama surrounding the late night Logan run to pick up a family member which turned into an escalating timeline of waiting for the arriving passenger, parking challenges, and a state trooper face-off has come to an end, with Margaret Greer of Wellesley writing a letter of apology and performing 200 hours of community service

Full Story on Wicked Local

Greer’s Attorney Releases Statement

Mix of opinions on denouement of Wellesley woman Margaret Greer who had face-off with state trooper at Logan  …universalhub


The Wellesley Townsman Blog lets you vote on the media’s treatment of the Logan Trooper story.

Do you think the media has treated the Margaret Greer case fairly so far?


Boston Logan BOS airport parking map

Listed below are A. parking options and fees for 1. Central Parking Garage (for Terminals A, B, C & E); 2. Terminal B Garage; 3. Terminal E Parking Lots 1 and 2; 4. Economy Parking (long-term parking for Terminals A, B, C and E); and B. General Parking Information.


Cell Phone Waiting Lot – If you are picking up a passenger, use the FREE (30-minutes max) Cell Phone Waiting Lot until your party has arrived, collected their luggage and calls you for pick-up at curb. Do not leave your car unattended while in the lot. For airline, traffic and parking information, call 1-800-235-6426 or TTY: 1-800-262-3335. Location: Within the airport on Harborside Drive, approximately ¼ of a mile on your right between the Logan Office Center and Harborside Hyatt Hotel.

– source

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