Photographing Wellesley Homes A Crime?

Interesting blog, especially in this digital age we all live in, regarding a complaint to the Wellesley Police Department regarding someone taking photos of a resident’s house

Realtors often take photos of homes for comps; appraisers do as well;


wellesley house

and when we have someone relocating we take photos to give people a feel for the neighborhood.

As the photographer who blogs “Is Photography a Crime in Wellesley?” notes, as long as the photographer doesn’t step onto your property uninvited, it is not a crime for someone to photograph your home.

Cervantes House by redjar.

In fact, when scouting for movie locations, it is commonplace to take photos of homes, architecture, etc.  I’m certain there were many photos and other media of the Cliff Road neighborhood taken, before the Ben Affleck movie “The Company’s Men” decided to film there…

*rendering courtesy of Country Living

Photographers Guide to Privacy

Know How and When You Can Use Your Camera/USA Today



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