Wellesley Women Rally Tufts Marathon Team in Boston Marathon

“Every little thing she does is magic…” *

There was magic in the air yesterday as the strong and the hardy, the young and the old, the dedicated and the committed ran through the Wellesley scream tunnel during the Boston Marathon.

For an inside look at being a runner in the Boston Marathon

After the first few miles, I got into a groove and eagerly awaited Mile 9 where I knew a huge cheering team from Tufts was stationed. A big hug from Coach Don and President Bacow is always encouraging! Moving on, the next big highlight were the women of  Wellesley. As I approached the college, I could hear a low hum which kept getting louder and louder until at one point I was in the middle of the cheering wall with beautiful ladies shouting my name and blowing kisses from all sides. For a few minutes, I felt like a rock star and I milked their energy to the fullest.


Adnan ran the Boston Marathon as part of the President’s Marathon Challenge at Tufts University.   The challenge was to raise …” $1000.00 to support nutrition, medical and fitness research at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.” His personal goal was to become healthy, fit, and to raise $1500.

End the 10-mile qualifying run with Keith


~~~ Props to Adnan and his fellow Tufts runners on their quest to the Boston Marathon!  ~~~

The Tufts Marathon Team had 200 slots to raise a shared goal of $400,000.

“The money supports a number of research initiatives at the Friedman School of Nutrition including research on childhood adolescent obesity, improving bone health for children, strength training for older adults and developing policies to enhance the livelihoods of crisis-affected communities in Africa.”

Adnan’s personal favorite project is ‘Shape Up Somerville.’  To read more about Adnan and the President’s Marathon Challenge, as well as how to make a donation in support of the initiative:

The Great Run: Training for the Boston Marathon


**Photos courtesy adnanbdesh



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  1. Thanks for featuring my experiences on your website.

  2. […] for my page to forward to a cousin who is starting her ouwn blog and came across this post <https://bostonkayakguy.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/wellesley-women-rally-tufts-marathon-team-in-boston-m…>.  It made me really happy and brought back memories of the Boston Marathon, my first ever.  I […]

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