Botox As Common As Ibuprofen In Future?

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Botox continues to perform as a revenue juggernaut, and its use as the medical solution to myriad physical ailments, is on track to surpass its cosmetic counterpart!

According to this recent report in the NY Times, therapeutic applications of Botox represent the next frontier for researchers and physicians alike.

While Botox is presently approved by the FDA for 4 specific applications in the U.S., the pharmaceutical industry sees a burgeoning market niche for a wide range of Botox use, including benign enlarged prostate, decreased appetite, migraine headaches, and ulcers and acid reflux disease!

The toxin blocks the activity of ‘cholinergic’ nerves which control muscles and glands.  Botulinum toxin might be used to treat an increasingly broad range of pain syndromes.

In the hunt to discover the next blockbuster medical use for Botox, doctors have injected it experimentally into muscles and glands all over the body, making it medicine’s answer to duct tape. According to recent medical journals, physicians have used it to treat chewing problems, swallowing problems, pelvic muscle spasms, drooling, hair loss, anal fissures and pain from missing limbs.

“We see it as a molecule that keeps on giving. As we understand it more, it gives us new ideas of how to use it,” says Dr. Mitchell F. Brin, a neurologist who is the chief scientific officer for Botox at Allergan, the drug’s maker.

– NY Times

Neurologists at Newton-Wellesley Hospital have been using Botox for some time to treat patients with spasticity ailments such as cervical dystonia, and have been getting very positive outcomes.

Industry giant Allergan currently owns, or has applied for patents on a staggering number of new uses for its star performer – more than 90 are currently somewhere in the development process…

For more:

So Botox Isn’t Just Skin Deep/NY Times

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