Can Eliot Spitzer Rise Again???

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While we may have been waiting for a new spin on Jay Leno‘s famous inquiry to Hugh Grant, “What the hell were you thinkin’ …???”

Matt Lauer‘s “get” interview of former Governor Eliot Spitzer was a bit of a let down.

Lauer asked; Spitzer answered.

Spitzer apologized for his egregious behavior and when asked, said that his fall into one of the nation’s notorious sex scandals was inexcusable and that he had been forgiven by his wife and daughters.


“This is something that has caused excruciating pain to [my wife] and my daughters,” the 49-year-old Spitzer said. “It’s something that I carry with me every day because of the pain I’ve caused. And so I’ve tried to balance: The obligation to speak is vast but also the pain to my family has been enormous.”

– Eliot Spitzer to Matt Lauer

Spitzer copped to being flawed and then the interview was pretty much off and running into the dialogue delving into the reason he was really there – to position himself as a potential pundit/retooler of the nation’s economy.

Lauer likened Spitzer’s past history with Wall St. to an “Eliot Ness” persona, and Spitzer weighed in on Wall St’s “enormous extraction of wealth by people who manipulated but didn’t add to the economy.”

Spitzer opined that compensation on Wall St spiraled out of control not because of lack of regulation, but rather a lack of “will to regulate.”

The government’s bailout of companies “too big to fail” doesn’t address the larger need to completely redesign the financial services industry, Spitzer went on to say.  He added that companies shouldn’t be allowed to grow so large as to become corporations that the country can’t afford to have go under.

“I think we have to separate out the short-term crisis of liquidity and solvency in the financial sector versus creating in the long term a financial services sector that will work for our economy,” Spitzer told Lauer. “We have thrown a trillion dollars at the sector, and yet I honestly don’t yet see a new model of competition and a smaller financial services sector; smaller in terms of there not being these unbelievably large companies that are too big to fail.”

– Eliot Spitzer on the “Today Show”

The first interview of Spitzer since his resignation approximately 13 months ago left the lingering impression that Spitzer might have the “goods” necessary to put the financial equation back into balance.

What do you think???…


No Excuses/Today Show



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