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When Dah-Mee first opened in downtown Natick, it was an instant sensation.  Crowded, noisy…this thai, korean, japanese restaurant soon outgrew its location and expanded, almost doubling in size.

Since this beginning, Dah-Mee has become a much loved fixture for those with a sushi craving or for diners looking for something other than Italian or the Dolphin’s seafood selection.

But things have quieted down.  Not so noisy; not so crowded…

The menu has remained expansive.  Perhaps too much so.

It takes some time to digest the entire menu.  Dishes range from fresh sushi, to traditional korean dishes with a smattering of thai entrees.

Always fond of the pad thai, I decided to waver from my longtime favorite and ventured into korean territory with an order of the vegetarian Ok Dol Bi Bim Bab, cooked in a traditional hot stone pot.

Sizzling and spicy, this is a dish you’ll request frequently.

An order of vegetable and shrimp tempura was so-so, as was the scallion pancake.

The accompanying miso soup was lousy.  Tasteless, the miso soup barely resembled the flavorful miso soups commonly found in most japanese restaurants.

Our waitress was cheery and frequently stopped by refilling water glasses and asking if we needed anything.

But a rather odd and somewhat off-putting thing happened when the hostess came over to the table with the bill, while my wife was still eating her entree.  She then proceeded to start cleaning my side of the table!

Now it’s possible this was some sort of cultural miscommunication and Dah-Mee’s hostess was simply trying to expedite any need for a hasty departure.  But when one diner has finished his meal and the other is still working on their dinner, it’s very disconcerting to have someone cleaning the table after placing the bill front and center.

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With plenty of free tables available, and no one waiting to be seated, it was puzzling to be on the receiving end of actions that seemed to indicate that they wanted you to vacate the table so they could turn it over.

I’d like to see Dah-Mee put a little more zip into their menu.  Things haven’t changed for years and there’s a certain sense of complacency that one detects.

The restaurant was far from busy and perhaps some revamping would help bring back the crowds from yesteryear.

But don’t misinterpret these admonitions as anything other than an attempt to reinject some restaurant karma back into the Dah-Mee formula.

It’s a great family dining experience.  It’s local.  And it’s affordable.

But improving some of the standbys and revising the menu, perhaps narrowing down the enormous selection would likely increase patronnage.



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