Want $$$? Shouldn’t YOU Get Help in the Stimulus Package?

MetWest Scene Alert:

Fixing the housing industry is critical to the stimulation of our economy.  Housing generates millions of jobs.

House Vote Delayed: Your Action Is Needed

The House Speaker has delayed the vote on the stimulus package until tomorrow, signaling that the compromise may still be open for last minute changes and revisions.

It also signals that Congress is not yet in agreement on the specifics of the stimulus.

There is a brief window of opportunity to let Congress know that we don’t think the bill does enough to address the recovery of the country’s housing markets!

I urge you to send a message to your Members of Congress this evening.

They need to hear from you that the House tax credit for first-time buyers only,  is not enough – it needs to be expanded beyond first time home buyers to all buyers and the amount needs to be raised to $10,000 or more.  The original Senate recommendation was for 10% of the sales price of the home up to a maximum of $15,000.
Think about how long it takes to save $15,000 after-tax dollars!

The stimulus puts plenty of your money into financial companies, banks, the automakers, etc.

Many of the provisions in the stimulus as it now stands, while momentarily helpful, do nothing to “stimulate” the economy.

But money in your pocket does!

Since it’s taxpayer monies funding the stimulus, shouldn’t some of that over $800 billion go directly to consumers?

Click here for information on contacting your representatives.

Remind them that passing an $800 billion stimulus without addressing housing simply will not work.  We need a plan to rebuild the housing market for homeowners!

Contact Your Representatives

The Senate adopted an amendment to the economic stimulus bill that provides for a tax credit very similar to the Fix Housing First Homebuyer Tax Credit legislation – a $15,000 tax credit for all primary resident buyers. But this provision is being threatened in the House-Senate conference. Please tell your Member of Congress to support these provisions.

– Fix Housing First


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