Real Estate Deal of Century: $14 Million Home Goes For $100…

Wife Swap
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The culprits of the collapse

They wreaked havoc on Wall Street

They took the global economy and sent it teeter tottering on its axis…

They walked away with millions

Even as they drove their companies into the ground

And now that President Obama has called their behavior “shameful”

They’re up to their usual antics

The disgraced chief executive of Lehman Brothers transferred ownership of a $14 million Florida mansion to his wife for $100 in a possible attempt to move assets beyond the reach of infuriated investors of the collapsed bank.

– Times Online

With yet another trick up their proverbial sleeves…

The “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” have made certain their “castles” are out of the grasp of their creditors and shareholders…

[Richard Fuld Jr.]

Richard Fuld Jr. – former Lehman Bros’ CEO

With their own special version of “Wife Swap” the mansions have been taken out of the culprits’ names and put solely in the wives’, according to this report on Gawker

…Or maybe the Fulds can take a closer richard-fuld_-florida-homelook at their home in Greenwich, Conn.–the one with the indoor squash court, or the $21 million Park Avenue co-op, or their home in  Vermont, or the one in Sun Valley, Idaho, or the other one in Jupiter Island, Fla., for which Mr. Fuld paid $13.75 million in 2004 according to the Wall Street Journal. A few of those should make up for a severance package suited for the longest-serving CEO of Lehman.

– The Observer

With their homes’ ownership and other major assets  now “swapped” into their wives’ names, perhaps some of the astute fairer sex will head on over to “Divorce Court!”…


Lehman’s Richard Fuld



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