F. Lee Bailey Disbarred for Egregious Behavior, Speaks on Ethics and the Law at Wellesley College

MetWest Scene Alert:

Those interested in attending F.Lee Bailey‘s presentation on ethics and the law at Wellesley College on February 10th, must RSVP by noon today to:


Don’t miss what is sure to be a fascinating appearance by the “great man” himself!

After all, the famed attorney in the Sam Shepard, Boston Strangler, and OJ Simpson cases, to name but a few, is going to be skirting a fine line in this speech.f-lee-bailey-time-cover

He should know all about ethics since he was disbarred in Florida in 2001 and Massachusetts in 2002 for ethics violations involving stock and a drug czar.

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled in 2003 that Bailey “deliberately” broke ethical rules and deserved to be disbarred.

Time Magazine Cover: February 16, 1976

*courtesy Time Magazine

“That Bailey has had a long and highly successful career … does not mitigate these multiple violations,” Justice Martha Sosman wrote for the court. “Our standards of ethical practice apply to all attorneys, whether they are well known for their victories in high profile cases or whether they practice law in quiet obscurity.” *

Brash to be sure, tainted legally by “egregious misconduct,” Bailey should be ready to handle those audience questions about ethics, entitlement, and “Walkin’ the Line!”

F. Lee Bailey

February 10th, 6:00 PM

Wellesley College,

Tishman Commons

*source USA Today


F. Lee Bailey Disbarred/CBS News

Federal Circuits, 1st Cir. (June 09, 2006)

Re: F. Lee Bailey, Appellant

Docket number: 05-2779
Permanent Link: http://vlex.com/vid/36613528
Id. vLex: VLEX-36613528



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3 Responses

  1. This skunk from the OJ trial is teaching “ethics”???? That’s a laugh. How does he sleep at night knowing he was on the “nightmare team” who got OJ off on some BS “race card” defense. He should be asamed of himself. The whole bunch of them. Hope Johnnie got turned away from the “pearly gates” by Nicole Brown, and is rotting in hell.

  2. Yeah say what you Want about F.Lee Bailey during the OJ trial, he was just doing his job and what he was trained to do! Also, did it occur to you that he also defended Dr. Sam Sheppard for a murder that he was innocent of? Bailey fought for Sam all the way up to the United States Supreme Court! What have you’ve done to get the innocent out of prison?

  3. Defending an unsavory character has no bearing on the ethical status of an attorney. Everyone is entitled to a defense or the system would not work at all.

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