iPod: Chilled But Connected…

A stack of the iPods I now own... included are...
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Cold, chilling, chattering…

Freezing, aching, shivering…

Blasts of arctic air, canadian chiller, siberian express…

Frigid, icy, bitter

Yep, it’s winter in Boston all right!  Bone chilling temps and snow on the way.

But if you’re outside and you want to stay connected…with your iPod that is, then these gloves by Kombi are a necessity.
And what’s more – they work, just like they’re supposed to...
A wide variety of iPods are compatible including the mini and nano.
If you’re outside in our frigid tundra and don’t need to stay connected but are looking for the warmest gloves,  then try out some of the other Kombi products including the Freeform Glove $100

Kombi’s I-Rip gloves with a...
*Photo by Tom Rose/Boston Herald

Kombi’s I-Rip gloves come complete with wireless iPod control system. ($150)

Check out this review in the Boston Herald!



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