Intoxicated by Tim Gunn and Gretta Monahan of Wellesley’s Grettacole Salon

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In a recent interview with Bonnie Hunt, the dapper Tim Gunn noted that he and sidekick Gretchen Monahan of “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” on Bravo delight in showing how to be fashionable and stylish on a budget.

“I’ve seen more fashion mistakes made by people with deep pockets,” revealed Gunn.  “If you buy quality, you’re buying a difference in textiles.  With each price point the garment has a matching textile, and the better made quality shows.  In a down economy clothing maintenance is key.  Take care of your clothing.”

A walking style icon, Tim Gunn enjoys working with Gretta of Grettacole Salon and Grettaluxe because they are both drawn to a certain polish.

Gretchen Monahan gets made up before appearing on the 'Rachael Ray' show in New York, where she is a style expert. Gretchen Monahan gets made up before appearing on the “Rachael Ray” show in New York, where she is a style expert. (Joe Tabacca for The Boston Globe)

“When you put on your outfit, you have to feel good in it.  Wear your clothes with self confidence, not delusion,” Gunn recommended.  “Reflect upon it!”

Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style enables women to dress with a certain elegance and style.

Tim and Gretta work with each client with a signature respect and intelligence.  And they approach their audience with the same mandate.

“I really appreciate how you relate to the audience,”  gushed TV host Bonnie Hunt to Gunn.  “You and Gretta treat everyone at the “top” of their intelligence, and I’m just intoxicated… watching you both!”

When asked if his fashion sense developed at an early age, Gunn revealed that as a young child he took his toy soldiers and designed hats and coats for the medieval figures who came with a castle.  Gunn also fashioned interiors for the castle.

Laughed Hunt, “You must have had the smartest castle in town!”

Even back then, Tim Gunn knew the importance of, “Make It Work!”

Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style can be seen on the Bravo network.  Check your TV listings for times.



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