The Rum Rocks But Be Prepared $$$ If You Want Ice at RumBa

There’s nothing like a fine rum…

And for rum aficionados, there’s nothing better than a rum bar!

And now Boston plays host to the Intercontinental Hotel‘s RumBa which bills itself as a rum and champagne bar.

A recent visit to RumBa proved to be more complex than many of its array of signature rhums…

First impression was delightful, but the end of the evening left a sour aftertaste…

We began the evening with a round of the tasty Diplomatico and Clement rums  which was pure bliss.

Diplomatico Rums

Diplomatico aged rums are produced in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas and are ranked consistently among the finest South American rums. With a total of seven stills (three potstills and four column stills) the distillery has been producing top-quality spirits for over 45 years by distilling sugarcane honey in old copper pot stills. – Specialty Brands

The Diplomatico is a spicy, buttery carmelized molasses rum hailing from Venezuela.  It appears to be a RumBa fav and just one sip suffices for you to realize why it is among the finest of south american rums.

The Clement is an agricole and might make you think of a fine cognac.  A sugar cane rum with a long tradition of being distilled in sugar cane rich Martinique.  Several varieties are on RumBa’s menu and cover a number of price points.  Your tastebuds will burst with the heady flavor of the french west indies.

A tasty side order of comfort food, namely mac n’cheese was without a doubt the best rendition of this dish you’ll ever find.

The lounge itself is not visually arresting, but the extended list of rums will certainly stop you in your tracks!

Lounging by the fireplace, enjoying the rum and roaring fire, I found the RumBa to be noteworthy.

But when the bill arrived, I found the RumBa to be something else all together…

For the bill had an additional upcharge of $3 for each rum ordered!

Surely this was an error…

Sadly, we were informed that rocks will cost you

When asked by the waitress if we wished the rum served on the rocks, we’d answered yes.

But the RumBa manager Charles Strong told us that rocks cost $3Frozen water…ice cubes…for $3 per drink!

This is not cited anywhere on the menu.

Strong said the waitress should have informed us.

Well after a lengthy discussion the upcharge was removed from the bill but unfortunately the surprise of a hidden, non-disclosed upcharge for ice left an unpleasant aftertaste…

So, as far as the Intercontinental’s RumBa goes…the rum is divine, the selection extensive, and the bar food is far above the norm.

But if you prefer your rum on the rocks…it’s going to cost you!



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