Shoppers Beware…When You Need To Say Just The Right Thing

Ever been on a plane and had a seatmate who wouldn’t stop talking?

Ever been somewhere when someone on a cell phone is talking so loudly you’re privy to the most intimate details of their life?

Ever try talking to a customer service rep who’s forgotten that you, the customer, pays their salary?

Then you know why the bitch slap was invented.

Card Front

During this season of holiday shopping, many of us will spend a large amount of time in parking lots and mall parking garages.

The other day I returned to my car which I’d parked in a parking lot.  Correctly parked, I might add.  Smack square between the 2 lines.

But the car now parked to the left of me apparently didn’t view parking space lines as boundaries.  Nope.  This motor vehicle owner (and you know the type) decided to leave their car so close to mine, that I had to enter my car via the passenger side, crawl over the console, and then deposit myself behind the steering wheel.  All without tearing anything or injuring anything important.

I just stared at that car next to mine and thought about how to let the driver know what inconvenience they’d caused me.  While staring (and perhaps thinking a nasty thought or two,) I remembered my wife telling me about these cards she’d seen called “unmentionables.”

Developed by Shinebox Print, these little cards are just perfect for when you get lousy service, lousy attitude, or lousy parkers!  They say it like it is.

Shinebox has 3 variations on a theme: unmentionables, sweet nothings, and my favorite…parking tickets for those who’ve crossed the line!!!

Card Front

“Make no mistake about it; a parking lot is a battlefield. Armed with this bad boy, you can now let your enemies know exactly how you feel about their crappy parking. All without talking to them or keying their cars.”

So, now you know!



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