Not Traveling This Thanksgiving?… Bring the Big Easy Home!

New Orleans street

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Planes are more crowded.  There’s barely room for you, much less space for luggage in the overhead bins.

You don’t get so much as a peanut.  You pay for water and if you’re flying US Airways then you don’t even get a movie!

Fares are high and you’re paying an oil surcharge even though the cost of a barrel is about      one-half the cost of what it was when the surcharge fees were imposed.

So you’ve decided to stay home for Thanksgiving but you still like the idea of an exotic Thanksgiving…what to do?

Well my southern relatives have introduced us to fried turkey!  It’s moist, it’s like butter, and it’s direct from the Big Easy!

Surprise your dinner guests this year with a cajun fried turkey from New Orleans!

The secret to this succulent bird is something called “geaux juice,” a blend of peppers, orange juice, spices, and vinegar.  A full quart is injected into the turkey and it’s marinated overnight.

Then the bird is deep fried in peanut oil, wrapped in foil, vacuum packed, and put through the flash frozen process before being Fed Ex’ed to your front door.

After thawing all you have to do is put it in the oven for an hour.

SpicyCajunFriedTurkeySm.jpgYou get a 10 – 12 lb turkey for $52.50 plus shipping!

You also get a reputation for an incredible Thanksgiving dinner, replete with side dishes such as gumbo and etoufee, if you like.

Shipped to your door!

No schlepping to the market, trying to find a parking space or waiting in line.

Just add traditional favorites and other family recipes to complement the cajun fried trukey.

Either way, your Thanksgiving will offer the best of traveling without the hassles.

And you’ll be famous for the best Thanksgiving outing ever!

Cajun Turkey Co.

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Cajun Turkey on Today Show



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