Family Connections..Marriage..and the Boston Bruins

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When you get married you immediately become part of something larger than yourself.

You are part of a picture that includes extended family, history, and aspirations.

So when I took my bride down the aisle over 30 years ago, I became part of a large, boisterous Needham family known for their good looks and good grades.*  (source: my wife..)

Growing up in Wellesley as the son of two parents who were both only children, and having only one sibling myself, I knew that I’d hit the jackpot with my fun-loving new family members.

But I also gained something else.

I gained someone important to all families…an insurance agent!

That’s right; following the example of my father-in-law, I also became a member of the Barry & Farrell Insurance Agency Family when I signed on as a client.

And now, three decades later, I am still a part of Barry & Farrell.

So when I perused the Swellesley Report this morning, I was enjoying a blog about Wellesley’s Boston Bruin, Ed Barry when I found out that the former Boston Bruin was the elder statesman of the insurance family who’d welcomed me some 30 years ago!

A “parental figure” with a “life” before kids????

Who knew?…

I enjoyed learning about Ed Barry‘s prior life…the life of a Boston Bruin, and why he decided to give it up.

Just another nugget from the Swellesley Report.

Check it out…you never know who you’ll find you’re “related” to!


Bruins 6,  Canadiens 1/NY Times



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