Newton-Wellesley Unveils “Raw” Lifestyle

Super Size Me

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Who knew that rabbits might hold the key to longevity?

Or that the fountain of youth was really an apple?

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· The start of a health revolution.
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Or that Tarzan lived in that jungle because he knew the secret to aging well.

And who knew that if you wanted to live longer, healthier, and happier that sashimi has a better ROI than plastic surgery?

And that if you’ve existed on the fast food culture of America, or think that delicatessens offer the best culinary options, or if you eat anything you microwave, thaw, cook in a pouch, or contains ingredients you can’t pronounce, then you may need to get yourself to a detox center?


That’s right..a RAW FOODS detox center that is. . . to detox from a diet of overly processed ingredients and junk food!

Fruits, vegetables, non-pasteurized dairy products, fish, eggs, meat such as carpaccio, whole grains, nuts and seeds are typical of raw foods that are believed to offer greater health benefits.

Jenna Norwood, an independent filmmaker, has chronicled her experiences in a raw foods detox center and how it has literally changed her body, her health, and her outlook.

The film “Supercharged” is a take-off on the Morgan Spurlock documentary “Super Size Me” which chronicled Spurlock’s experience on a diet of fast-food only and its impact on him.

According to Monika Kinsman, Event Producer, Bastyr University, Seattle, Jenna Norwood ” provides a fresh perspective on how people can create abundant health for themselves through committed action — simply by increasing their intake of food from nature.”

“Supercharge Me!” film producer and director Jenna Norwood will screen her award-winning documentary and discuss her life-changing experience with raw foods on Saturday, November 8, from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Shipley Auditorium. The National Institute of Whole Health is sponsoring this free, public event.

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