In Style…In Wellesley…John Prescott’s The MetWest Scene

Headwear svengali Laura Kranitz is highlighted on “In Style” Magazine’s Stylelist.

Her exotic headpieces are known for their beauty and attention grabbing components.

Kranitz has expanded into ravishing jewelery design, but dramatic headwear will always be her “first” love.

If you want to catch these beauties in person, Grettaluxe has been known to sometimes offer these glamorous tributes to the fashionable retro era in their Wellesley boutique.

And don’t forget to catch tres chic Gretta Monahan, owner of Grettaluxe and Grettacole, on Bravo’s Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, every Thursday at 10 pm on the Bravo network.

The first show was just soso, but watching the opinionated, sometimes nasty subjects in need of a Gunn & Gretta style makeover, square off against the debonair Tim Gunn and the feisty Gretta Monahan can be fun entertainment.

Word to Gretta…let your personality come through more!  Together you and Tim are a hoot!

Gretta Gets Her Gunn on Bravo

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