Geeks Vote Too…

The fevered pitch surrounding the presidential election has affected all of us.

You can’t turn on the TV or radio, pick up a newspaper, or look at the internet without being accosted by the media and its pundits regarding who would, should, will, or won’t win.

Studies are being quoted incessantly and voting behavior is being analyzed every which way.

So it’s no surprise that the scientific bloggers are as passionate about predicting who will win and why as the rest of the country.

Facial Impressions Matter

The Fact of the Irrational Voter on Gene Expression provides some interesting data supporting the conclusion that voters do not necessarily select their candidates for rational reasons, i.e.  who is the best person for the job? …the most qualified?

Rather than employing deliberate, rational strategies to make their selections, some research shows that,…

…people use shallow decision heuristics, such as impressions of competence solely from a candidate’s facial appearance, when deciding whom to vote for.”

Facial impressions predicting voter behavior? One would argue that many components influence voter behavior…

That having been said, studies have also shown that gender can predict voter behavior: the gender of the voter and the gender of the candidate.

The key here seems to be that facial appearance has a strong influence on the voters’  impression of competence.

Will a baby-faced candidate make us less prosperous?  …Less able to ward off terrorism?

Babyfaced?.. GQ cover?.. Hot?  Not so hot?..  Not yet ready for primetime?

A Saturday night audience magnet?  Or a babe magnet?

Is your candidate camera-ready for the “Bold and the Beautiful?”

Does your candidate have the magnetism and charm of “An Officer and a Gentleman?”

Even the appearance of spouses affects the public’s perception of competence!

Hot wife?. . .   Hot dude?

For more on the influences of appearance on predicting a candidate’s success:

Myth of the Rational Voter

The Political Gender Gap



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