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The Boston Globe ran an interesting letter to the editor the other day.

Kate Martin of Wellesley makes the case for a loosening of Massachusetts laws pertaining to teen drinking and host liability.

Following the recent death of a Plainville teen who had been at a drinking party, Martin feels that the age of drinking should be lowered.  She also advocates changing liability laws that hold adults responsible for underage teens drinking on their property.

Martin feels these steps would help to ensure that teenagers sneaking alcohol would not end up in a similar situation as the young woman, Taylor Meyer, who reportedly drowned last week after wandering away from a drinking party in an unfamiliar environment. (It has not been determined whether Meyer herself, had been drinking.)

Europe has long allowed young people to drink and has not seemed to suffer the sorts of drinking calamities often encountered in the States.

What do YOU THINK??

Step in the right direction?

Opens the floodgates?

Makes It Easier for Parents to Allow the Inevitable?

Logical Solution to Typical Teenager Behavior Issue?

A Mother’s Well Thought Out Plea?

It’s The Best Way to Protect Our Kids?

Or a Shirking of Responsibility?

Does this help or exacerbate the problem?

You decide….



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  1. Do you then lower the legal drinking age and then decrease the the BAC to .05 or even .03? This maybe a start with the combination of harsher DUI laws. I remember when I used to fill up my Dad’s vodka bottle with water. Binge drinking is bound to happen to those who are just discovering alcohol. My wife is from Europe and she remembers all of her friends having access to booze but no one ever over did it. Times have changed and so have kids. I think lowering the age, lowering the BAC level and increasing fines should all be in order

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