Naming Names: Anderson Cooper’s Top Ten Culprits …Politicians On Board?

AS the Top Ten Culprits of the Collapse continues to roll out, we wonder when the first politician will make an appearance on Anderson Cooper‘s list.

AIG/Cassano, Lehman/Fuld, SEC/Cox, former senator/Gramm, FED/Greenspan, Beazer/Mccarthy, Countrywide/Mozilo,  Bear Stearns/Cayne, Fannie Mae/Raines, …those who played pivotal roles in the financial fiasco are many.

But still no sitting member of congress…no one who over the past years was charged with oversight in financial services, banking, etc.

Who will make their appearance in the next slot?

Stay tuned…



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Naming Names: Anderson Cooper Exposes Culprits of Collapse
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4 Responses

  1. Still waiting for the Politicians

  2. Is there any legal way that the people that are responsible for the mess that we find our selves in, have their assets seized and sold and the monies acquired through the sale of the assets be part of this ridiculous $700 billion bill that they have dumped in our lap? Also, are we going to see any of these people behind bars for the unforgiving acts that they have commited against the taxpayers?

  3. Let’s not forget that Wall Street and the US government walk hand in hand. It’s pretty easy to just pick on the Wall Street gangsters but what about the folks who were elected to serve the citizens of this great country. They failed us miserably.

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