Calling All Natick High Grads! Yearbook Alert!

Well, some may say those at Natick High School don’t clean too often, but the high school’s apparent lack of housekeeping may prove to be a boon for Natick alumni!

A closet which hadn’t been opened in years at the high school recently proved to be a treasure trove of decades-old yearbooks.

A small closet holding over 200 yearbooks from various decades was finally opened after years of apparent disinterest.  Spilling over in the small space were yearbooks from the 1990’s and other decades.

After filling in the high school’s collection it has been decided to offer the year books for sale for $10.

Calls and emails have filtered in from all over the country. According to a recent article on, requests for 1957 have been particularly popular.

(Okay class of ’57; what are you all looking at?)

Proceeds from the sale of “Locked In A Closet For Decades and No One Will Let Me Out” yearbooks will benefit the Natick High School Yearbook Committee.

ESPN analyst and former quarterback Doug Flutie for the Boston College Golden Eagles stands in the end-zone near the spot of the famous 'Hail Flutie' during an interview before the game against the University of Miami Hurricanes at the Orange Bowl Stadium on November 23, 2006 in Miami, Florida. The play by Flutie on the last play of the game to upset the Hurricanes happened 22 years ago today.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Doug FlutieDoug Flutie

If you need to replace your yearbook, if your parents would like a copy, or if you simply have a hankering for seeing how you and your friends used to look, then contact Rose Bertucci at 508-647-6617.

Props to anyone who has a yearbook from Doug Flutie’s graduation year and decides to donate it to the Natick High School collection.  The high school and town libraries are missing a copy!

And now, don’t you just have to wonder when they’re finally going to open that door where you stashed that annoying teacher???


Sale of Old Yearbooks will help Yearbook Staff/



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