Boston Colleges: Pizza by Gondolier? Food Delivery Resources

If you lived on Naples Island in the Long Beach area of California, you’d enjoy many of the great perks of life.  Perfect weather, the ocean, canals, gondolas, and… pizza!

In fact you’d have the privilege of having your pizza delivered by gondolier!

*courtesy Joantri

Living in Boston also has its perks. . . and it certainly has pizza!City of Boston

You may not be able to get it delivered by gondolier, but you can get it delivered to your dorm room, office, apartment, or boat slip!

Perhaps you’ve just arrived in town…

It  started about 6 weeks ago.  The U-Hauls were loaded, the tearful farewells were made, and the anticipation of freedom, parties, romance and…oh yes, college studies too… has been in the air, ever since.

The annual migration to Boston and its environs by returning college students and newly minted freshman had  swarms of students and their families descending upon greater Boston to attend its prestigious educational institutions.

Emotions were intense, finances were heavily scrutinized, and plenty of advice was handed out to the incoming student population.  Many had come here before; others were heading to Boston, a large city, or a highly competitive college for the first time.

There was culture shock, loss of privacy, homesickness, and anguish over whether grade expectations would be achieved.  There have been parties, new friends to be made, cute girls, cute boys, blossoming romances, new hangouts to be discovered, and new life rhythms to be learned.

Fall in greater Boston is an exciting time.  It brings promises of hope, surges of independence, and intense reality checks.

New skills need to be learned.  For many it has been the first time they’ve shared a room, cooked for themselves, gotten out of bed on time for class, laundered  their own clothes, and structured their own time.  For some it has been easy; for others…not so easy.

Over this past Columbus Day weekend, many students returned home for the first time since arriving at school.  And today, they return to their student lives in Boston, having had some tender loving care the past few days from their families.

And while relishing their respite at home, they are eager to get back to their world of friends, school, and discoveries.

So over the course of the year, this Top Wellesley Realtor will offer tips, suggestions, and information to help the many new and returning students and their families.  Things to make life easier; available services, local attractions, dining spots, etc.

People who make Boston tick.  Newsmakers, world shakers, arts and culture, Boston gems, and metrowest happenings; BostonKayakGuy…John Prescott’s The MetWest Scene will be your secret weapon as you navigate your new life in Boston and its metrowest communities.

So stay tuned…and send me your suggestions!

Up first is something that is near and dear to all Bostonians:  FOOD Greater Boston is a foodie’s dream, and a college student’s best friend.  Great food at all price points! is a great resource.  It’s an online destination for finding restaurants who deliver…that’s right…they deliver to your school, home, apartments, office…you name it.!

The company began in Chicago when 2 guys working late decided to call a restaurant to have a meal delivered.  Not so easy!  They found it to be an exercise in exasperation.  Who delivers?  What’s their menu?  How much money?

Seeing a need, they set about creating a company to solve the problem.  The cities they’ve started with include Boston!  A map shows the geographical area covered, and you can also search by zip code and college on the greater Boston page.  Other cities include Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.

Right now, the restaurants included extend to Cambridge, Newton, and Brookline.

This top metrowest real estate agent is hoping that the MetWest towns will be better represented in the future.

But if you live in or have students at the B.C., B.U., Pine Manor, Berklee, Simmons, Emerson, Harvard, (see below for a full list,) communities, then check out !  Look at the menus, pick up the phone, and breathe a sigh of relief.

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It’s a new company and some reviewers have indicated that there are still kinks needing to be ironed out, but with your support and feedback, will rank at the top of your Shortcuts List !

Oh, …and if the idea of living in a place with perfect weather and having your pizza delivered by gondolier appeals to you, then check out Laurie Manny, Long Beach Real Estate Ciao!

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Discover 1000’s of restaurants delivering straight to you!

Boston Food Delivery by School*

* numbers in parentheses represent number of restaurants who deliver to that school

Boston Food Delivery by Neighborhood **

** Number of restaurants who deliver in that area
*** Grubhub information courtesy of

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