Naming Names..Anderson Cooper’s Number 8 Culprit..John Prescott’s The Met West Scene

Exposing the Culprits: #8 Chris Cox

SEC Chairman

It’s time for accountability.  Time for their identities to be exposed;  those individuals who have not done the jobs the shareholders, taxpayers, and voters rely on and have invested in…

CNN and Anderson Cooper are exposing the top 10 architects of the market malestrom:

Anderson Cooper Naming Names:

8. Chris Cox, Chairman SEC

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Agency’s ’04 Rule Let Banks Pile Up Debt/NY Times



Top Real Estate Agent for more than 14 years, serving the real estate needs of  Wellesley, South Natick, Weston, Needham, Wayland, Newton, Framingham and other MetWest communities.


Vice President

Century 21 Commonwealth


BostonKayakGuy…The MetWest Scene

Naming Names: Anderson Cooper Exposes Culprits of Collapse

CNN The Buzz
Anderson Cooper 360 Blog

10 Most Wanted: Culprits of the Collapse
Anderson Cooper
Politicians have said ‘now is not the time to talk about blame for the financial collapse.’ Now
IS the time to talk about blame. People deserve to know how we got into this mess. We’re naming names and holding The culprits of the collapse accountable. Every night we add a new name to our list… See who’s on it…

CNN and Anderson Cooper 360 expose the top 10 architects of the market malestrom. Joe Johns reports:

8.  Chris Cox, SEC Chairman

10.  Joe Cassano, AIG

9.Richard Fuld, Lehman Bros.

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One Response

  1. Go Anderson, expose these people! No one individual should earn this much income? We have too many less fortunate folks in the US! This is insane! Something has to change
    Is it true that because the network channels like CBS, MSNBC, CNN ect… will not expose top executives fortune 500 salaries because the top network executives are making similar compensations. This is BS!

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