Westwood High School Joins the Fight Against Underage Drinking

Westwood High School Shows It’s Not A Scene In Gossip Girl

bostonkayakguy.wordpress.com Shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills – all show a glimpse of teenage life that’s glamorous, and very very social. Top Wellesley Real Estate Agent John Prescott comments on a Boston high school that’s decided it’s not going to be ripped from a TV script. BostonKayakGuy..John Prescott’s The MetWest Scene..reports.

” Gossip Girl Tailgate Time”

Lincoln-Sudbury High School’s quick response last week to the problems of underage drinking and students behaving badly, has already had an impact on other school systems.

Joining this call to action is Westwood High School, whose principal Emily Parks sent out a letter to parents this past Wednesday.

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According to the Boston Globe, Parks said that some students attended last Friday’s game “under the influence of alcohol,” forcing the school to take disciplinary action and adopt new game-day policies banning outside beverages and ordering all students to enter through one gate.

“We hope that implementing these changes will encourage students to make good choices and meet our expectation that the football games be an alcohol-free event,” Parks said in her letter to parents. “Our goal, as always, is to keep students safe.”

The actions of both school systems is of particular note, in these days of television series like Gossip Girl, 90210, and The Hills, where in many of these programs high schoolers drinking is routine , or where it’s glamorized and derigeur in others.

While by all accounts, Westwood’s incidents last week were not as intense as Lincoln-Sudbury’s and applied only to a very small number of students, Parks is taking the initiative to ensure that underage drinking is stopped cold at Westwood High School sporting events.

Lincoln-Sudbury officials are continuing to work on game attendance policies, as part of their own crackdown efforts.


Lincoln-Sudbury: Wins on the Field, Scores BIG for Reputation!

Students Behaving Badly

Westwood HS Joins the Fray



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