The MetWest Scene…Winning On and Off The Field…Lincoln-Sudbury High School…Football 2008

Lincoln-Sudbury 20, Hingham 3

Sometimes things happen for a reason.

After being in the media’s spotlight following last week’s rowdy behavior at the high school football game, Lincoln-Sudbury students last night attended the game against Hingham with their PARENTS!

That’s right!  High school students were required to have a parent in attendance if they wanted to attend the game, as a consequence of the underage drinking that had taken place at last week’s game, taxing police and medical resources, and tarnishing the school’s reputation.

Or so some people thought.

Rather, the tempest at Lincoln-Sudbury served to remind both students and parents that school officials were taking student behavior seriously, and they were enlisting the support of parents to make sure that student welfare, responsibility, and pride were at the forefront of their concerns.

The students who misbehaved were disciplined, parents were called upon to lead by example, and community support for the high school and its athletes was out last night in full force in a tribute to the school, its students and their families, and to the school officials who acted swiftly and decisively.

Sure, some students grumbled about lack of freedom, yada yada yada.  And some students probably passed on attending , but for those who did attend?

It was an evening that had a profound effect on the families and groups who attended.  There was pride, there was excitement, there was fun, and there was the sharing of an exciting activity surrounded by people you love.

Family bonding on the athletic field!

Lincoln-Sudbury’s reputation has not been tarnished.  Rather this high school has shown what leadership is all about.  Lincoln-Sudbury has shown what it means to show respect to the community, the students, and to the athletes who work hard to exemplify true competitive spirit.

*Photo Lisa Poole/Boston Globe

Lincoln-Sudbury should be commended.  The parents should be commended.  The students who abide by the rules should be commended.  And the decisive action taken by school officials should be commended.

So BostonKayakGuy awards the Lincoln-Sudbury High School community a 5 paddle rating this week!

Job nicely done!  Keep it UP !

BostonKayakGuy awards a 5 Paddles Rating!!


Besieged Students Team Up/Boston Globe

Students Behaving Badly/The MetWest Scene

Westwood High School Joins Fight Against Underage Drinking



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