Lose the Wheels??..No Parking for Wellesley HS Students

Boston.com reports that the Wellesley School Committee has approved plans that call for no student parking at the high school for 4 years…that’s right…4 years!

Beginning next September, there will be no student parking lot at the high school.

Construction of the new high school will take place on the present high school parking lot and will necessitate students, faculty and staff needing to park elsewhere.

Off site parking in 5 temporary lots has been secured for faculty and staff, according to the Boston.com article, but there will be no student parking available during the 4 year construction project.

The Wellesley School District will be asked to double the school bus service starting next year.

However the Wellesley Transportation Coordinator reports that presently only 7% of the student population utilizes the school bus and this needs to increase dramatically to handle the upheaval created by the new high school construction project.

Katherine Babson, chair of the School Committee,  on Boston.com, indicated that Committee members will now have to consider incentives to get students to ride the school buses, to help alleviate the problem.

So Wellesley, here we go!  Help make it cool to ride the school bus!

Make It Cool To Ride The Bus !!!
*Photo courtesy happyschoolbus.org

What can the town do to make it more attractive to get on the bus?

Let’s just throw it out there and see if you can help the School Committee generate more usage of the school bus.

Power outlets? ipods? Extra school credit? Social media marketing? Massive media campaigns?  Public service credit?

Think outside of the box and generate ideas.

Some may not be feasible and others may be deemed too expensive, but this is a community dilemma and let’s see if we can help the School Committee get bodies on the bus.

Let the committee know your thoughts, add your comments here, submit your suggestions to the Townsman, the School, etc., the Swellesley Report, you decide.

The first of a series of public meetings will be held on October 5th. Now’s your chance to add your input to the situation.

Make Riding the School Bus Cool!

Banana Bus ??

Banana Bus ??

Game On!

Superintendent of Schools Bella Wong has notified parents that the School Committee will host a special forum on Wednesday for parents of all public school students in Wellesley to talk about the impact of the construction.

The forum is scheduled for this Wednesday October 1st at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium.


Oct. 1st Meeting/Boston Globe

More School Buses for Wellesley

Taking A Page Out of Google’s Handbook



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